Customer Experience: The Impact of Final-Mile Delivery Platforms

4 minutes read The E-Commerce Era and Final-Mile Delivery In the dynamic world of the e-commerce industry, final-mile delivery has emerged as a crucial element in the customer experience. As online shopping continues to surge, the demand for efficient and reliable delivery services has escalated. The final-mile delivery, the last step of the delivery process […]

E-commerce grows, and Deliveright with it

E-commerce now accounts for 11% of all retail sales in the United States. The last few years have seen a diversification in the kinds of goods with which consumers have become comfortable ordering online and having shipped to their homes. Increasingly, heavy goods have been entering this mix. According to market researchers eMarketer, there was […]

Why Deliveright Is the Delivery Solution for the E-Commerce World

We want to share exactly what differentiates Deliveright’s delivery platform from the pack. The key difference is that our platform is designed primarily for E-commerce businesses which focus on selling large, heavy goods, and need a white glove solution to ensure proper handling of their products. Today’s E-commerce customers expect an end-to-end online experience. They […]