5 Benefits That a Mobile-Driven WMS Can Bring for Your Business

Understanding the benefits of having a warehouse management system (WMS) is critical for businesses experiencing growth. A mobile-driven WMS provides companies with operational efficiency and visibility into inventory control, which helps provide customers with satisfied demands. At Deliveright, the leading digital delivery network for heavy goods, our smart WMS ensures that every item entering the warehouse is being tracked to the tiniest detail until the end of delivery through our Grasshopper platform. Whether an item is put in storage, unloaded, or needs to be inspected, you can access it all under a single application in your mobile device. If you’d like to learn what key benefits a WMS integration can bring to your business, keep reading below!

1 Improved Warehouse Productivity + Accuracy 

It can be frustrating to have to rely on your employee’s memory to locate a product. And what if they get sick or can’t show up on time? Countless hours spent, searching around the warehouse, only to realize that the product is actually out of stock and can’t be delivered. Now you’ll have to refund the customer, and hope that they won’t leave a terrible review on your brand’s website. With a WMS, you can eliminate human limitations and leave it to technology to handle repetitive tasks for you. Through mobile automations such as barcode scanning, customized notifications, space optimization, inbound/outbound loads, etc., you can improve your warehouse productivity, reduce delays, and lower your operational expenses. 

2.  Easy, Accessible data 

Before a customer places an order with your brand, you need to make sure that it’s actually available for sale in the warehouse. Because of the ever-changing environment in today’s workforce, warehouse managers may not be able to visit in-person to check in-stock merchandise or what needs to be restocked. I mean, who has the time to do that these days? But with a cloud-based WMS that’s easily accessible on your mobile device, it can save you and your customers time consuming headaches with convenient data that’s accessible with just a few clicks. Let your customers know when they can expect their delivery, and answer all their questions when asked, instantly. Leave the back and forth hassle and optimize your business process with a WMS. 

3. Real-time Updates + Visibility 

One of the most important factors for streamlining order fulfillment and product accuracy is securing real-time visibility into your supply chain. A mobile WMS automatically updates each order status in real-time with every new information entered by your employees, allowing you to track and trace inventory levels, unit allocation and a detailed log of every product moving throughout the warehouse. Know exactly what is in the warehouse, where it’s located and when it needs to be restocked so you can optimize order cycle times and volume control cost-effectively. What’s more, by gaining visibility across your employee functions and their tasks, it allows the manager flexibility to oversee task management efficiently as well. Take control of your operations, access the right information, and grow your business network. 

4. Transparent Communication

The pen and paper method is ancient news. With a mobile platform that tracks every update regarding each order’s movement from beginning to end, this enables a fast, transparent communication network between the warehouse workers, shippers and carriers. There’s no need to send emails or make phone calls to check if a product is available, or flip through the endless pages of your log documents to figure out where an item is located. With a mobile-driven WMS technology, use a single platform to manage, assign and divide the workload efficiently for a faster workflow and ensure that a smooth delivery is on the way to your customers on time. 

5. Better Customer Service, Better Business 

It’s a total killer to a brand’s reputation when a customer receives the wrong product and has to wait for a redelivery. In today’s fast-paced business world, consumers expect to receive exactly what they ordered within a short time frame. WMS plays a pivotal role in achieving this experience for your customers, while also allowing your team to organize their tasks and never miss a deadline. Having a mobile WMS doesn’t just ensure that your inventory is optimized and well managed, but it’s also an investment in upgrading your customer experience. The better your customer service, the more in demand your business will be, which means more profit and sales growth for your company. Rather than exhausting your company with redundant tasks, consider a logistics provider that can offer you a tailored WMS solution to expedite your sales and deliveries to customers. A single integration to scale up your operations and make happy customers. 

About Deliveright

Deliveright is the first AI-powered logistics and delivery technology company to solve final-mile, heavy goods delivery challenges for e-commerce, retailers and manufacturers needing white-glove service. Launched in 2018 to streamline the supply chain for heavy goods, Deliveright’s technology, combined with its vast delivery network, makes white-glove delivery seamless, transparent and accessible for businesses of all sizes, enabling improved customer experience and increased revenue. Deliveright’s proprietary logistics technology platform, Grasshopper®, manages all stages of fulfillment, enabling complete supply chain visibility to the customer’s home. Serving more than 1,000 customers in e-commerce and manufacturing across the furniture, industrial equipment and transportation industries, Grasshopper is also licensed nationwide by delivery and freight companies, ensuring that every delivery is tracked across a complex transportation network and customer service platform. The company is headquartered in North Carolina and operates across the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit https://deliveright.com/.

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