White Glove Partners Series 1: B Cubed Shipping

In the coming weeks, we will be taking a look at some of our network partners – the White Glove delivery companies who run on Deliveright’s last-mile White Glove delivery technology and as a result, have seen their businesses grow and improve.

“Our partnership with Deliveright and integration with their tracking and warehousing software, Grasshopper, has been instrumental in managing our current workflow, and has opened doors to new opportunities for growth and diversification which were not available to us before this engagement. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Deliveright and its technology, which make our business more competitive.” Johnny Borda, Owner of B Cubed Shipping

First up is B Cubed Shipping, a family-owned delivery business operating throughout the West Coast. B Cubed has three distribution centers, strategically located in large population centers that allow it to service California, Arizona, and Nevada effectively.

B Cubed delivers furniture for a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from luxury online retailers, like One Kings Lane, to well-known manufacturers, like Virginia House, along with many interior decorators and designers.

Since integrating its operations with Deliveright’s platform, Grasshopper, B Cubed’s volume has grown, both because it has gained access to new customers through the Deliveright Network and because it can take advantage of the efficiencies offered by running on Grasshopper.

If you have a delivery company and want to take your operation to the next level, like B Cubed has done, contact us today to see our technology in action!

Introducing Deliveright’s New Website!

Here at Deliveright, we are ringing in 2018 with a brand new website that offers as smooth an experience on the web as our operations do in the home.

If you’re just getting started with Deliveright, please read about our background, the services we offer, the solutions we tailor to our many customers, and the technology that sets us apart from every other White Glove delivery company.

Need a quote?  Use our instant quote tool.  Want to check on an order?  Use our real-time tracking technology.  Want to open an account?  It’s easy to sign up and get started with Grasshopper, our industry-leading White Glove delivery platform. Sign up today!

We will be updating this blog regularly with information about our business and the delivery industry in general, along with tips and tricks on transporting, repairing, and maintaining furniture. It’s what we do best. And if you have any questions to ask, please do, we’re happy to help.  So stay tuned and check back regularly!

Here’s to a great 2018!

Route Optimization – 8 ways toget your deliveries on time – Part I

As you grow your delivery volume, you probably know that every delivery need to be optimized for perfection. Given that, it’s important to build the right system and set of tools that will help you to manage your delivery routes, while taking into consideration other factors that can contribute and can differentiate between successful routing and a failed one (where you are losing money on!).

In the next two article (Part I & II), we will try to list the contributing factors and how we approached them at Deliveright to provide the most optimized delivery routing and
improve the chance that every delivery will make it to its destination on the first try, while managing your costs and efficiencies.

First, let’s assess some of the factors that can impact your delivery route:

  • Customers – They can (and will) change their delivery presences before and during your routing process and even while the truck is on its way to their home.
  • Weather – who can control that?? Rain, Snow or just a foggy situation and your entire delivery time estimates are completely off.
  • Traffic – While at some places you can anticipate traffic, there are certain cases where you cannot (accidents for example).
  • Unexpected complicated delivery – when you reach to a customer home and you realized that the furniture piece doesn’t fit in the elevator and you require to carry it all the way to the 10th floor through the staircase.

These are just a sample of scenarios, but you get the gist – there are some factors that you can’t really plan for and will cause you a major headache when they happen and great frustration for the customers who are waiting all day for their deliveries. Also, you need to manage your cost and run your trucks efficiently and make sure that your routes and schedule make sense time-wise and distance-wise. Taking all this into account is hard, complicated and frustrating if you don’t have the right tools.

But wait, there is some hope, and in some cases, solutions!

At Deliveright we spent great amount of efforts to figure out how can we leverage our data analytics platform, Gloverix™,  to plan, and sometime eliminate, situations like the ones listed above and at the same time make sure that our trucks are route for perfection and our delivery teams can meet their daily goals.

Here are a few approaches that we take:

  • Weight / mile ratio – when you load your truck, one of the ratios that you need to pay attention to is the Weight-to-mile ratio, hence, how many miles a truck is driving at a given weight. Your goal is to make this ratio as big as possible (while taking into account all the other constraints) for optimizing fuel efficiencies that your trucks will consume. At the same time you don’t want your truck to sit in traffic all day because you stretch your limits on this, so make sure you trade-off wisely.
  • Volume per truck – it’s known that an empty truck is a losing truck. While allocating and loading your truck you would want to maximize the volume that you load on each truck. However, you can’t wait until you get a full truck to make your deliveries (your customers would be upset and your entire operation will be a mess due to the random delivery schedule). At Deliveright we developed and adopted several distribution models that allow us to determine how many trucks we should allocate for each route (daily or weekly) while factoring seasonality and other factors into the models. Our models run automatically and rebalance our trucks’ distribution as we see (or foresee) changes coming. It’s also enables retailers to adapt some of our delivery network and use us for some part of their deliveries while still running their own trucks (we understand that a retailer want some flexibility as well, thought, in many regions Deliveright offer next day pickup & delivery).
  • Fight the traffic (or get places faster) – at Deliveright we experimented with different technologies and approaches on how to optimize our routes to avoid traffic. We ended up realizing that crowed-sourcing is always better than one software (or another) decision. Hence, we embedded Waze routing optimization into our delivery teams mobile app and the results are just amazing! We have seen a meaningful increase in our delivery teams making to their stop on time (and even before!) and most importantly we reduce our delivery window down to 3 hours and we are working to take it down even further – a win-win for all sides!
  • Be fluid – Deliveright’s routing algorithm has another neat feature: it can react to changes during the day and optimize the delivery team schedule while they are on their way. For example, we have instances when a customer call us during the day of the delivery to inform us that they won’t be able to make it on time for their delivery window. In the old days, the drive team would just take the piece back to the warehouse at the end of the day and you would reschedule with the customer. However, we realize that making a delivery on the same day, while accommodating the customer needs is always more cost-efficient than sending it again (and also safer for the furniture piece by saving it from another trip). Therefore, when a scenario like this take place, our Routing Intelligence, GIT (Get It Today), will take the customer preferences (for example, later time on the same day) and will try to re-route the delivery team daily route and push an updated route to the delivery team mobile app. The delivery team wouldn’t need to do anything as the route changes automatically and they will continue on their daily route as before. The satisfaction that the customer has once he sees that he can still get his delivery despite the last minute change – priceless!

This was part I of optimizing your routes. part II is coming shortly.

Fall 2017 HP Market and Much More!

Dear Customer,

We are excited about the upcoming HP Market and hope to see many of you there. Here are some exciting developments to make life easier for you.

Coverage Expansion to CA and FL


We are proud to announce that Deliveright now provides service to California and Florida. We can manage your freight originating in NC, CA and other parts of the country through final mile delivery to these states. Coming soon, we will expand our White Glove delivery service throughout all of North Carolina.

How do you get started? Simply book a delivery through our platform, Grasshopper, and let us do the rest. For more information contact us at

Integration with Amazon Echo (Deliveright Is Handsfree!)

Want to get information about your order or get a quote without using a phone/tablet/laptop? We have just integrated our platform with the Amazon Echo, which means that Alexa can track your order, provide you with scheduling availability and soon you will be able to quote and schedule through our Alexa app. Much more fun to come!

In addition to our in-house Alexa skill, we will soon release a customer version. Please send us your suggestions for how you would like to use the Alexa skill to make your life (and your team’s) easier. Submit ideas to

 Grasshopper Latest & Greatest

 The past few months have seen significant upgrades to Grasshopper, so you can do more with it than ever before (and more quickly).  Some benefits:

  • Arrange pickups from multiple vendors with a few clicks
  • Combine multiple orders into one
  • Book a return
  • Vendor addresses populate automatically

The more people use Grasshopper, the more we hear how powerful it is. We love getting suggestions about what you would like to do with it next. Please send ideas to

Fall 2017 HP MKT

 If you would like to meet in High Point, please send a preferred date and time to We would love to learn about your needs and to help save you time, money and aggravation. It’s what we do!

We look forward to continuing our work together this fall. If you need anything, email us at info@deliveright.comor give us a call at 1-862-279-7332. We are eager to hear from you!


 Team Deliveright

6 ways to leverage technology to build better White Glove delivery service

The first thing that might pop into your head when you hear ‘White Glove delivery’ is two guys carrying a large sofa into a customer’s home. A physical, fairly mechanical and high-touch activity. So it is reasonable to ask yourself “Can technology make a difference here?”

At Deliveright we leverage the power of cutting edge technologies to manage our cloud-based White Glove delivery service.   Our approach allows us to manage our entire delivery network — in real time!

Here are a few things you can do to make your delivery process better, using the latest and greatest technologies:

  1. Route Optimization – This is a critical component of White Glove delivery and benefits greatly from technology.  Technology helps determine how to reach destinations efficiently and on time, minimizing miles driven, avoiding traffic (in real time), reducing weight/distance ratio (how many miles a truck drives with a given weight), and incorporates many other optimization factors.  Technology can help you get more deliveries made, on time!
  2. Allocating your truck correctly (and safely) – What is the right way to allocate truck space with respect to its scheduled stops? Where do you place each item, and how do you place them in a way which avoids damage?  We are solving all of these questions using our proprietary TuckTheTruck™ technology, that enables our delivery teams to load their daily deliveries in the most efficient way (and unload them later), and also helps them place items correctly to reduce the risk of damage during the trip. In addition, our TuckTheTruck™ technology continues to evolve and adapt to different truck sizes and supports different delivery needs (for example, 5 floor walk-ups with a Buffet!).
  3. Damage Pre-emption (1) – Damage can happen anywhere during the trip from the manufacturer to the customer’s home. Using our mobile technology, we help our delivery teams load fragile items correctly onto the truck to minimize the risk of damage during the trip from point A to point B.
  4. Damage Pre-emption (2) –  Our DentScanner™ technology helps us identify fragile items and notify our manufacturer partners when our system discovers higher-than-usual damage rates.  We help manufacturers focus on the specific items that need upgraded packaging to promote safer, more successful deliveries – a win-win for everyone!
  5. Instant Feedback – To ensure our customers receive top quality service from our delivery teams, at the end of each delivery we communicate electronically (SMS / Email) with the customer to get feedback about their delivery experience. This survey helps us to evaluate our delivery teams and improve their skills for the next deliveries.
  6. Go Paperless – Today’s home deliveries involve paper, in fact, too much paper! At Deliveright we eliminate any trace of paper from our delivery process. All our deliveries are signed electronically (on our mobile App), and all delivery confirmations, damage reports, rejects, etc. are reported electronically to each party with photos. This saves everyone money, time and makes it easier to retain records.  The entire process is a breeze.
4 ways to manage your furniture inventory effectively

Inventory is a pain, a real pain.  And dangerous.

For a furniture dealer, inventory is a real burden in many ways. Here are just some:

  • Which merchandise to buy? – A pure bet! What will sell? How many pieces to buy? Too much and you are stuck with extras (that you need to store or mark down), too little and you miss some customers who wouldn’t be willing to wait a few weeks for a dining table…
  • How and where to store it? – You need a good sized, well organized warehouse to store and manage it, and you also need to staff it with professionals who will know how to handle furniture properly (more cost!).
  • How to move it to and from the showroom? – Another place where damage can take place!
  • What to do when the inventory does not move fast enough? When do you cut the cord and sell it at a markdown?

So you end up trying to figure out the right answer for the questions above, instead of focusing on what you really need to do — selling your merchandise to your customers!

To relieve this pain, Deliveright invented (patent pending)  the “Aspirin” for the furniture industry: Zero-based inventory, also named “virtualized inventory”.

What is it for you, the furniture retailer? Well, everything!

Deliveright’s  “Virtual inventory” program, enables furniture dealers to focus on what they need to do – sell merchandise, while Deliveright handles the pain-points of fulfilling and delivering to the customer without the dealer even touching or seeing the product.

So, you wonder, “how exactly does this work?”

  1. Which merchandise to buy? Don’t buy any! – Deliveright enables furniture dealers (brick & mortar and eCommerce) to display the merchandise they would like to showcase, however, you don’t need to stock it! Using the Deliveright program, the dealer buys the merchandise from the manufacturer only AFTER the customer has already bought and paid for it!
  2. How and where to store it? You don’t need to store anything! – Simply cut your warehouse size, focus your personnel on sales activities and customer service. Your customers will certainly love and appreciate it!
  3. How do I move merchandise to and from the showroom? You don’t need to! Once a sale is completed, the furniture is delivered directly from the manufacturer to the customer’s home, handled by fewer “hands”, which significantly reduces the risk of damage.
  4. What do do if the inventory does not move fast enough? Well, problem solved! With Deliveright you don’t stock anymore, so the financial risk that you take on any unsold products comes down to the single item that you placed on the showroom floor (if any!) — You virtually take your “manufacturer-commitment-risk” down to 0 %.


“Hold on, but how long before my customer receives his order?”

The Deliveright program is designed to make your customers happy — really happy!
More than 90% of the products on the Deliveright program are delivered to the customer’s home in 3-5 days! In such a short span, the chance of customer remorse is significantly lower than waiting 2-4 weeks — that is one of the key benefits of using the Deliveright program.

To learn more about the Deliveright, visit our store @ and explore our manufacturer partners.

New Season – New Surprises

As we enter a new season and the Spring 2017 HP MKT approaches, we are happy to bring some fresh and exciting news from the Deliveright “Bakery”.

New Blanket Wrap Service Available

In addition to our existing levels of service (including White Glove, Room of Choice, Threshold and B2B), you can now have Deliveright blanket wrap your orders at pickup. This new service is being rolled out in phases, starting with CA to the East Coast.  We also provide this service for orders that are picked up and delivered within the same region (ie pickup and delivery are managed by either Bayonne, NJ or Atlanta). For more information about this service contact us at

MS Pickups 

We are happy to announce that as of April 1st we also offer MS pickups (not blanket wrapped) for delivery to any of the regions that we serve. The order booking process remains the same, just select MS as the origin!

Grasshopper Latest & Greatest 

As the usage of our delivery platform increases daily, customers have asked for more features and we have listened! Here are a few of the new features you can access after you login to your account:

Customized BOLs
Have multiple vendors in an order and need a different BOL for each vendor? No problem. The new BOL download process will prompt you to select for which vendor you would like to get a BOL and create one customized for you.

Edit & Note an order
Need to change the customer information or add a note on the order, you can now do it in 2 seconds.

Or, to add a note, click the note button next to the order notes:

Cancel your order 
Click on the action column on the Orders dashboard and click Cancel.


We are very excited to roll out one of the greatest new additions to Grasshopper: Webhooks. Using Grasshopper Webhooks, eCommerce partners are able to consume and receive real-time updates about their orders, directly to their system. From order creation, through tracking information to completion, Grasshopper’s Webhooks will keep your platform (and your consumers) up-to-date in real time. For more information about enabling Webhooks on your account, email us at

Spring 2017 HP MKT

With HP MKT starting soon, we look forward to visiting with existing partners and meeting new ones as well.  If you would like to meet in High Point, please send us a message ( and we’ll arrange a time.  We would be happy to learn about your needs and see how we might be able to save you time, money and aggravation.  It’s what we do!

Team Deliveright

Grasshopper on Mobile, CA Pickups, HPMKT 2016 & More

As more and more of our customers use Grasshopper to book deliveries, provide up-to-date order tracking or just to get a quote, we wanted to make it even easier and more accessible. So, today we announce the release of Deliveright’s mobile app – for both iOS & Android devices.Using our mobile app you can easily

  • Get quotes for deliveries
  • Book orders
  • Track orders
  • View PODs

We have also enabled a quick and easy way to communicate with our Customer Success Team, by phone or email.

Download the Deliveright App at the App Store or Google Play. Try it out, we would love to get your feedback on how we can make it even better!


California Dreamin’… More Pickups, Faster Deliveries

We can now pick up from many vendors throughout California and deliver to the East Coast. Just like any pickup on the East Coast, we will arrange the freight & the last mile for you, and it’s all done in the same simple way on Grasshopper.

And Even Grasshopper (Web) Got Even Better…

While making the user-friendly mobile App, we also upgraded the web version with better and quicker order booking. Now you can book pickups from multiple vendors on the same order, automatically email BOLs / Labels directly to vendors, preview orders and much more.

High Point Market October 2016

With HPMKT fast approaching, we look forward to visiting our existing partners and seeing new ones as well.  If you would like to meet in High Point, please send us a message ( and we’ll arrange a time.  We would be happy to learn about your needs and see how we might be able to save you time, money and aggravation.  It’s what we do!

Text messages, multiple confirmations and meet us at High-point Market!

This week we are super-psyched to roll out an exciting upgrade to our platform.

The best part is that it’s all about you, our customer, and we think you’re just gonna love it!

Text Messages – Platform Wide

At Deliveright we are all-in when it comes to fast communication with our customers, and for today’s consumers, FAST means text messaging. 

So as of this week, our platform will send text messages for events including: 

  • Delivery Schedule Request
  • Delivery Schedule Confirmation
  • 30 Minute Pre-Delivery (and if no response, then the Pre-Call)

But wait, don’t get too excited, because there is more

For our delivery partners that want to know when a delivery is made, now you can get a delivery confirmation through text-message too!!

How? Just email to textme [at] and let us know if you would like to receive text-messages for all of your deliveries or just a specific one (we can do that too!)

You Asked For It, You Got It:  Multiple Confirmation Recipients

You can request multiple recipients for your Order and Delivery Confirmations, so you can keep your entire organization in the loop.

But it’s even better! You can mix & match between email and text messages (or both) so some recipients receive emails (with pictures and detailed information) and some receive a simple text. It’s up to you! 

Let’s Meet At The High Point Furniture Market

We will be visiting the HP market and would be thrilled to meet you. Email us with a preferred date/time (Sun-Tues) at meet [at] and we will set it up.