Why a White Glove Delivery is Essential for Heavy Goods Businesses

Did you know: the world retail ecommerce sales is expected to exceed $7.3 trillion by 2025.  From 2020 alone, U.S. ecommerce sales jumped by 44% from 2019, triggered by the coronavirus lockdown. As retailers scrambled to find carriers to meet their shipping needs, the delivery process itself also became a critical component of reflecting a brand’s service quality to consumers. Especially for vendors selling heavy items like furniture, this called for an increasing need of a premium logistics service, specifically, white glove delivery to provide the value-added service customers demand. Here’s how offering a white glove delivery can help grow your heavy goods business. 

Smart + Accountable Logistics 

In the retail world, automating your transportation management system (TMS) is essential to providing a seamless delivery experience to your customers. By partnering with industry-leading carriers like Deliveright, a digital delivery network for final-mile white glove services, our team applies AI-technology to manage the entire delivery process from beginning to end. Deliveright provides full transparency of a delivery through its end-to-end platform, Grasshopper. Also available in mobile app, Deliveright’s customers can easily access when an order is packaged, labeled, shipped, and delivered, with an entire tracking history of each order including billing, PODs/BOL, pre-inspection status, transit, etc. with real-time visibility. Provide your customers with a peace of mind before, during, and after the delivery process. 

Save Time and Cost

You may think that adding a white glove service to your offerings sounds expensive. But from a long term standpoint, it does the opposite. Investing in a white glove delivery means you’re investing in improving your operations. Unlike traditional carriers like FedEx or UPS, shipping heavy delicate goods require special handling by an experienced team to reach its destination. Turning to alternative cheap methods can pose risks of damage, returns & redelivery costs, or even worse- lost in transit. By upgrading from a threshold to a white glove delivery, where your product is inspected and repaired (if needed) before delivery, and the product is assembled and installed in the customer’s home, you are likely to save thousands of dollars down the road in exchange for a small upfront cost. For more information on how a white glove delivery can save you money, check out this blog

Reduce Damages with Pre-inspection and Deluxe 

The biggest downfall that could happen during a delivery is damage to the item. For a process that requires multiple checkpoints and careful coordination to reach its destination, a single scratch on a sofa could jeopardize the entire delivery for a customer. Luckily however, shipping through a white glove provider puts utmost priority into protecting each product’s quality before and after a delivery. The delivery team will inspect each item before shipping and perform any necessary touch ups, in addition to arriving at the customer’s home after assembly. With Grasshopper, you can even access photo documentations as proof to ensure that the product was delivered in good condition with complete transparency. Check out here to learn how to reduce damage rates for your deliveries with white glove shipping. 

Reduce Returns with Superior Delivery Experience 

A delivery has a single mission: to reach its destination point at the right time, right place, and with the right product. To ensure this outcome requires precise attention to detail in every delivery step by a professional team. This means being able to track each order in real-time, having a reliable communication network between customers, and verifying accurate order information so that the customer can receive their delivery seamlessly. A sudden change in the eta, or finding a broken furniture piece upon arrival not only puts the customer at great distress, but also significant costs and burden on your hands to figure out the reverse logistics. By partnering with a white glove network, reduce the risk of returns and provide your customers with a premium delivery experience that they’ll remember forever. 

Improve Brand Reputation 

69% of consumers are much less likely to return to your online store if an item is not delivered within the time frame promised, according to Voxware. In today’s rapidly changing market, most consumers blame the seller for anything that happens to their shipment. This means that your shipping method will reflect your brand’s worth to customers as the last step of their purchasing process. The enormous growth of ecommerce has redefined the standards of luxury among consumers. In the heavy goods world, this means a rising demand for a white glove delivery. Whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, or a designer of heavy goods, treat your products with a white glove attitude: real-time tracking, attention to detail, special packaging, hassle-free assembly, and ensuring your customers are happy with your service. Develop your brand loyalty with the help of professionals who are experts at end-to-end handling of large products. Heavy shipping has never been this easy. 

About Deliveright 

Deliveright is the first AI-powered logistics and delivery technology company to solve final-mile, heavy goods delivery challenges for e-commerce, retailers, and manufacturers in need of white-glove service. Launched in 2018 to streamline the supply chain for heavy goods, Deliveright’s technology, combined with its vast delivery network makes white-glove delivery seamless, transparent, and accessible for businesses of all sizes, enabling improved customer experience and increased revenue. Deliveright’s proprietary logistics technology platform, Grasshopper®, manages all stages of fulfillment, enabling full supply chain visibility to the customer’s home. Serving more than 1,000 customers in e-commerce and manufacturing across the furniture, industrial equipment, and transportation industries, Grasshopper is also licensed nationwide by delivery and freight companies, ensuring that every delivery is tracked across a complex transportation network and customer service platform. The company is headquartered in North Carolina and operates nationwide and in Canada. For more information, visit here

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