Santa Clause uses Deliveright's Grasshopper to manage his warehouse and deliveries for Christmas

Breaking News: Santa Is Using Grasshopper!

No logistics operation is more complex than the one undertaken each December 24th by supply chain expert Kris Kringle. Not only does he have a lot of ground to cover, he has just one night to do it. (And that’s not to mention the herculean data analysis required to find out who’s naughty or nice.)


For years now, we’ve been able to track his progress using NORAD’s Santa Tracker. This year, however, we’re proud to announce that Santa Claus has something special up his sleeve besides his trademark white gloves: he’s offering white glove delivery, powered by Deliveright’sTM Grasshopper.


In fact, Santa is streamlining his whole operation. Santa’s mandate is to visit over one hundred million households all across the globe in order to deliver a diverse range of products not just to the doorstep, but directly inside the recipients’ homes. These goods must be handled with the utmost care—and delivered expertly enough that recipients can sleep right through it. 


Like many across the supply chain industry, Santa’s operation has been analog for centuries. But technology is progressing, and this year, the Claus’ global business is embracing the opportunities offered by supply chain innovation.

Who’ll be home for Christmas? 

Santa’s team must track who wished for what, as well as who will be spending Christmas together, and where, all over the world. With Grasshopper, Santa can split and combine orders to make sure everyone gets the right items from their wish list.

All through the warehouse, features are whirring

Santa’s shop has a long tradition of elven craftsmanship, but that doesn’t mean his inventory and warehouse management must stay mired in the past. This year, the quill-and-scroll system is being updated and automated, so Santa’s helpers can easily see where every single item is located, from the partridge to the pear tree.

Santa Claus is coming to town—via the most efficient route possible

Santa runs his globe-crossing route during a time of unpredictable weather and increased air travel. While Rudolph’s nose has saved the day in numerous unexpected squalls, Santa’s dispatch team will use Grasshopper to optimize his route to avoid snowstorms, fog, and the errant airplane altogether.  

Santa made the list, Grasshopper is checking it twice

Keeping track of when everyone is sleeping, awake, and being good or bad (for goodness’ sake) is no easy task. By managing the Naughty and Nice Lists with Grasshopper, Santa is now benefiting from the robust data and reporting that has helped many DeliverightTM customers track and respond to consumer behavior—so you’d better watch out.


“We believe that Grasshopper will save time on manual logistics, so we can focus more on imbuing each toy with joy and magic,” said Candy Cane, Head Elf – North American Warehousing and Logistics. “Already our team is singing carols with even more delight and enthusiasm than usual, which we would previously have thought impossible. With morale boosted, we’ve found that our bells are 70% jinglier, and Santa’s singing around the workshop indicates Kris is at least 85% Kringlier.”


Deliveright Logistics is Powered by Grasshopper

Legal disclaimer: All contracts between Deliveright and mythical beings exist purely in the magical realm and are not subject to earthly legal enforcement. Data regarding the jinglies-ness of bells are entirely fabricated. Naughty and Nice List included in Grasshopper Premium Package.

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