As White Glove Delivery Options Shrink, Deliveright Expands

For logistics people, the work is never done.  This is especially true for everyone responsible for getting Heavy Goods delivered to the home.  It’s hard enough to get a nationwide system for delivering furniture, appliances, etc. running reliably in the best of times, but then there are the challenges – seasonal swings in demand, driver shortages, and increasing regulation to name a few.  Even worse are the sudden events, with transportation partners suddenly shuttering their operations. Recently, it seems that the pace of disruption has only accelerated, with firms such as Terrill Transportation and Schneider’s Watkins & Shepard First to Final Mile (FTFM) unit announcing their shutdown/exits from the business.  What can logistics people do?

At Deliveright, we focus on the logistics for Heavy Goods such as furniture.  We can handle first-mile logistics and final-mile delivery for most of the US population, especially consumers on the coasts and in Texas.  With three new terminals ramping up this month (adding to 15 existing locations), Deliveright can help furniture sellers manage logistics and White Glove delivery in the most important markets around the US.  

Logistics people take heart – times are tough, but Deliveright is ready to help.  To find out more about our services, or get a demo of our software, just send an email to and we’ll get back to you promptly to schedule a time to talk!

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