Deliveright Express, Inspection Upon Arrival

You have asked and we have listened!  This update announces two new services which will improve the speed and quality of your delivery service: Deliveright Express and Inspection Upon Arrival.

Deliveright Express provides expedited delivery service: from the vendor’s dock to the customer’s home in 5 business days or less! The customer will experience all of the benefits of our White Glove service, just faster! The program will initially be regionally-limited, picking up from vendors in central NC and delivering to the NY metro area, but we will expand it to other locations as soon as possible. Deliveright Express allows you to promise and deliver to your customer in the way you’ve always wanted. It’s perfect for those rush orders where a piece needs to be in the home in time for a critical event. We hope you will take advantage of this exciting opportunity!

The second service we are rolling out is Inspection Upon Arrival. This new feature allows you to flag orders (or items within an order) which are particularly sensitive or require extra attention. Items marked for Inspection Upon Arrival will be opened and inspected the moment they arrive at our final mile hubs. Normally, we keep items in the manufacturer’s packaging for as long as possible, because open merchandise is more vulnerable to damage or dust buildup, but some items make sense to inspect right away (marble and glass pieces, for example).  

Keep in mind: all of our White Glove deliveries are opened, inspected and deluxed before delivery – it’s part of the Deliveright difference – but if an order is marked for Inspection Upon Arrival, it will be inspected twice: the first time upon arrival and again, prior to delivery.  

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these services – contact us at if you have any thoughts about Deliveright Express, Inspection Upon Arrival, or any other services we offer, (or if you have any ideas for other ways we can improve the Deliveright experience). Stay tuned for much more from us in the coming months!

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