10 Tips and Tricks to Have a Great White Glove Delivery

No one is happy when a White Glove delivery isn’t completed successfully. Thankfully, as technology and delivery operations improve, these imperfect deliveries are becoming increasingly rare. But they still take up a disproportionate amount of the delivery company and customers’ time. Here’s the good news: there are simple things that customers can do to lower the chance of a delivery being unsuccessful.

Based on our experience, here are 10 helpful tips for customers to ensure that their White Glove delivery goes as smoothly as possible:

1.  Confirm that the address and phone number provided to the delivery company are correct. There’s no simpler, yet more avoidable, reason for an order to go wrong than the delivery team having the wrong contact information.

2.  Make sure the room is ready before the delivery team arrives. Leaving items in the way adds unnecessary time, stress, and complication to the delivery.

3.  Measure the doors in your home to ensure that the furniture will fit. Not just the entrance door to your home, but any door that the furniture will pass through. You do not want to have to remove the legs of your brand new couch just to fit it into your living room!

4.  Similarly, always measure the dimensions of your room, and area, of choice to confirm that the furniture will fit in your desired location.

5.  If you live in an apartment building, you should communicate the building’s requirements to the delivery company beforehand, including any time restrictions and COI specifications.

6.  If the delivery is to be carried up stairs, tell the delivery team how many flights so they can be prepared. Even if you have an elevator, you should let the team know many flights up the room of choice is in case the items do not fit in the elevator, or the elevator is not working.

7.  Include at least two phone numbers in your contact information, in case the first number can’t be reached.

8.  Confirm that the delivery company is delivering exactly what you ordered – if you ordered a mauve loveseat, check that the manufacturer did not send a purple loveseat!

9.  Make sure that you clear your schedule and are available to accept the delivery at the provided date and time. Most companies have a busy schedule, and won’t be able to wait at your home for you to accept delivery if you are not already there.

10.  Finally, when the team is at your home, let them do their thing! This is what they do – trust that they will deliver your order with care and attention.

Contact at us at feedback@deliveright.com if you have any other tips and tricks!

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