Why Deliveright Is the Delivery Solution for the E-Commerce World

We want to share exactly what differentiates Deliveright’s delivery platform from the pack. The key difference is that our platform is designed primarily for E-commerce businesses which focus on selling large, heavy goods, and need a white glove solution to ensure proper handling of their products.

Today’s E-commerce customers expect an end-to-end online experience. They want to find the product, buy it, pay for it, and wait for it to arrive, all without talking to a person or wasting hours exchanging emails. We aimed to provide exactly this experience when we designed our delivery platform, Grasshopper. Online booking, tracking, scheduling, and most importantly, real-time electronic proof of delivery, are all built into the platform. This accelerates and streamlines the delivery process so that your customer will receive their goods quicker and with less headaches.


Grasshopper’s functionalities are all available on demand (and in real-time) through our RESTful 2.0 API. Our API comes with extensive documentation and a dedicated integration team, both of which will ensure a smooth and quick integration with your platform. We are already integrated with dozens of delivery partners, who as a result have seen their teams spend more time on growing their businesses and less on the day-to-day managing of orders. We also use Webhooks, which enable your system to receive instant updates from our platform for any event that happens on an order.

Best-in-class Logistics

We took the same approach to our internal operations as we did to our technology – we built it all! All our locations are 100% mobile-driven: no papers or clipboards. Our team can perform all tasks through our warehouse management apps, from receiving, loading, relocating and identifying orders, to simple scanning or searching for orders. The warehouse technology package is complete with wireless and Bluetooth connectivity to mobile printers, for quick and easy printing of shipping labels right on the spot.

Customer Success

Along with an industry-leading technology and operational platform, we have built the perfect customer success team to work with your customers and address issues right as they happen. We understand that Deliveright is a crucial part of our E-commerce customers’ online reputation, as we are typically the only link in the chain that has any face-to-face interaction with the customer. We work closely with our partners’ customer service teams to handle special situations when they happen. In addition, we have deployed a proactive approach by texting customers after every delivery to check on their experience. If we hear anything that is less than perfect, our customer success team will engage to learn more.

We understand what it takes to make your customer and your operating team happy in today’s online shopping environment. Contact our sales and technology team to learn more about how Deliveright can help your business run better.

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