Delays in Final Mile Bulky Goods Deliveries: What You CAN Do to Ease the Headache

They said Monday. Then they said Tuesday. You called them on Tuesday, then received your delivery on Friday… 

What a pain! 

If you’ve been struggling with the same question about your last mile operation, that’s probably a good sign for you to change your logistics process with a new delivery partner. 38% of end-consumers reported they’ll never purchase from the same brand again after a negative delivery experience. 

In today’s world where e-commerce markets are booming exponentially, speed and quality is a significant factor that consumers look for when making online purchases. For small parcel goods, delivery on the same day has become the competitive standard- an option that no one would’ve imagined possible just two decades ago. But those options have expanded- and that includes speedy shipping for heavy goods deliveries also: a much more challenging process to coordinate than small parcels, yet are rising in sharp demand from online shoppers. 

Here’s some insights from our research findings to minimize last mile delays, so you can accelerate your delivery operations and make customers happy. 

  • Online Communication Modules – Automated emails, texts, RoboCalls, and mobile apps to inform customers of delivery notifications throughout the transportation process to enhance direct communication control and reduce confusion. No more stressing with “where is my delivery?!” phone calls. 
  • Quality Pre-inspection – Inspect the item’s condition before delivery from the hub to ensure pristine condition of the heavy goods, and reduce risk of failed delivery/rescheduling for shipping low-quality products.  
  • Route Optimization – By allowing technology to plan your delivery routes rather than relying on manual processes, drivers can reach the customers faster through accurate real time updates to account for location, time, traffic, and vehicle capacity, which could be subject to change. An automated process at your control for better convenience, better solutions, and quality customer service. Save time and money! 
  • Real Time Visibility – With technology platforms like Grasshopper that provides end-to-end management across an entire supply chain for shipping large products, this allows delivery operators to control every touchpoint with respect to their logistic operations to ensure a seamless delivery experience for the end-users. From the cart to their door- received when expected. Could last mile be this easy? 

Recognizing this need to address such challenges in an industry notorious for lacking in technology, we set the goal at Deliveright on providing a premiere White Glove delivery service through cloud-based technology solutions. Since we started in 2015, we’ve received 1,000+ Google reviews at an average rat ing of 4.5, and deployed our proprietary technology (Grasshopper) to hundreds of delivery companies across the country for better delivery performances. And with 70% reduction in order cancellations compared to the industry, we know that Grasshopper technology is a real game changer.

If you don’t yet have an account to ship with Deliveright, you can sign up through our Grasshopper platform to book your orders directly. To learn more about our services, visit here

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