Why You Should Invest in White Glove Deliveries for Your Business

The furniture industry has been one of the most challenged this year, facing persistent strong demand and supply chain disruption according to Andrew Cox from FreightWaves. Delays have become a common problem during the shipping process, with consumers having to wait 25 to 35 weeks to receive their purchases. On the seller’s end, there’s more to think about than the timeline of the delivery. Heavy goods are more likely to get damaged during transit than small products, and most importantly, the delivery experience is just as crucial in customer experience as the product itself. 

In these kinds of situations for bulky goods that require special handling, the most often used service is a white glove shipping service. 83% consumers are less likely to re-purchase from a retailer after a negative delivery or shipping experience, according to ShipStation. But with white glove delivery, you’re more likely to bring loyal shoppers back to your business after a pleasant five-star delivery experience. If you aren’t already, here’s why you should invest in white glove shipping to grow your business: 

Ensure Professional Care of your Products

White glove shipping puts extra emphasis on safety and convenience, which is what heavy freight shipping needs. If a customer finds the product damaged or does so by attempting to assemble it themselves after delivery- this leads to costly damages for the shipper to cover. However, a professional white glove provider will ensure that each item is carefully handled with special packing material, addressing any necessary repairs as well as installations at the customer’s home so as to minimize any damage. It will ensure that your products are delivered in their most pristine condition upon arrival, so you can save unnecessary costs, reduce delay times, and build customer trust. 

Upgrade Customer Service 

With white glove shipping, you’re investing into improving your customer service and business reputation. 70% consumers say a negative delivery or shipping experience negatively impacts their impression of the brand and not the carrier Alternatively, this also indicates the impact a good delivery experience has on the seller’s brand. Buying heavy furniture like sofa or bed frames require installation upon delivery, where the consumer may have to hire someone to finish the job. But by integrating with a white glove service, the carrier will bring the product to the room of choice, assemble, and clean up afterwards so it’s ready to use at the customer’s convenience. All they need to do is buy the product, and not lift a single finger. A seamless delivery experience that will advance your customer service to a great advantage. 

In Demand Market 

Over 60% of supply chain leaders saw increased last-mile delivery demand in 2020, including white-glove service (i.e. in-home installation, haul away, etc.), and 87% consumers say the shipping and delivery experience directly impacts their decision to shop with the seller again. This means that providing these services will be necessary to help merchants meet the rising demand. In order to stay competitive in the market, a white glove provider that supplies a vast coverage network will enable you to deliver wherever your customers are located, without having to ship and pay separate carriers. Today’s consumers want to know everything: when a product is packaged, labeled, shipped, as well as the current transit status. By partnering with a digital white glove provider that implements smart technology into their delivery model, your business will be at a superior advantage with customers receiving real-time updates at every touchpoint of their shipment’s location. A customer-plus to your brand’s reputation. 

Save the Transportation Hassle, and Grow Your Business 

Instead of emailing, calling back and forth with multiple carriers to ship to different locations, a white glove service that offers a nationwide system will eliminate such transportation limits from your business. At Deliveright, we enable thousands of companies to grow their sales and customer network through our ever-expanding coverage. Our entire delivery operations are powered by Grasshopper, the industry-leading platform for logistics management, which connects vendors, shippers, consumers, and delivery teams with accurate real-time updates regarding each shipment. This enables businesses to track and access complete visibility across their entire supply chain- from warehouse and item inspection, to final-mile and proof of delivery upon arrival. Make sure to choose the right delivery partner that can fulfill your logistics needs, so you can focus on growing your company while they handle the rest. 

About Deliveright 

Deliveright is the leading Digital Delivery Network for Heavy Goods. Powered by its patented Grasshopper platform, Deliveright provides a complete technology and logistics solution for delivery companies and online retailers. Deliveright’s mission is to help customers grow their businesses by applying its machine learning technology to supply chain, logistics and transportation challenges.

If you don’t yet have an account to ship with Deliveright, you can sign up through our platform to book your orders directly. To learn more about our services, please contact us here

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