How Deliveright White Glove Service is Ranked Against the Industry

Though many logistics providers claim to handle each shipment with extreme care, it really comes down to how satisfied the customers are with their product after the delivery experience. Unlike most standard carriers like UPS or Fedex, when you invest in white glove shipping, you’re paying for  superior service to deliver your luxury goods. In fact, many eCommerce companies rely on white glove shipping to avoid common transportation problems, so that their customers can enjoy an excellent shopping experience. 

Deliveright, headquartered in Lexington, North Carolina, is a fast-growing white glove network that specialize in heavy freight shipping to customers all over the U.S. Deliveright practices the best packing and shipping methods to help eCommerce companies reduce costs, improve visibility, and grow their business through a seamlessly designed shipping process. Powered by its proprietary platform, Grasshopper, Deliveright applies machine learning technology to its delivery model to provide smart visibility solutions for thousands of businesses. Here’s a breakdown of Deliveright’s white glove delivery service compared to the industry: 

Fast Growing Network 

Powered by its industry-leading technology platform Grasshopper, Deliveright customers are given the control to self-schedule deliveries online for their heavy shipments, where Grasshopper will handle the entire booking and shipping process, automatically. With multiple communication channels from SMS, emails, phone calls, and even Facebook, this enables the vendors, customers, and shippers to easily access customer service with immediate response to their queries. Since its launch in 2014, today Deliveright has grown exponentially to serve 300+ e-commerce platforms, 1000’s of designers, and offers over 90% coverage of U.S. population supported by dozens of furniture carriers in our network. 

#1 End-to-End Technology  

Deliveright’s entire operation runs on Grasshopper, which provides complete ERP solutions for logistics management, beginning to end. Driven with the goal to provide an end-to-end delivery experience to the furniture industry (notorious for transportation challenges), Deliveright’s technology offers full visibility throughout an entire supply chain in real-time, which has helped retailers to operate their business smarter and smoother with high accuracy, efficiency, and speed performance: everything from booking, warehousing, to even accounting. In fact, Grasshopper’s ability has been so successful that it is now used in 35+ locations across the U.S. by other companies with licenses to help scale up their operations. It reduced Deliveright’s order cancellation rate to 70% compared to other companies, allowing us to help meet our clients’ demands to full satisfaction. A powerful tool that comes second to none. 

Lowest Damage Rates

In the heavy shipping industry, damage is a common problem that could strip away revenue, customers, and brand reputation due to poor delivery management. With that in mind, Deliveright has one of the lowest damage rates in the industry- with 80% fewer damages and rejected orders, and 60% reduction in inbound calls. At Deliveright, all items are mandated to pre-inspection and deluxe before delivery, so that any damage can be resolved before the customer receives them. Due to the concern of uncertainty and delicacy with large machines, all products are hand-loaded by specialized furniture carriers who move 100% of Deliveright freight. A steady preparation to ensure a safe delivery. 

World-Class Customer Service 

At the end of the day, customer reviews are what really reflect the performance of a company against the others. It’s what determines how effective your service/product actually is. At Deliveright, our technology, service, and growing network has helped other eCommerce brands to grow their business by offering a superb delivery experience to their customers. Based on our research, we’ve gathered the following data that outlines average review ratings vs. # of reviews collected in August 2021: 

Against the other logistics giants, Deliveright remains at the forefront of the white glove industry based on consumer reviews. 
Against the other logistics giants Deliveright remains at the forefront of the white glove industry based on consumer reviews

“Deliveright kept us informed about where our items were. Scheduling delivery was easy. For questions, we were able to talk to a real person without waiting for hours on the phone. They contacted us the day before our scheduled delivery for a delivery window and any impediments outside the home they needed to know about. They came and quickly set up our items. They were courteous and wore masks and took care with our items. Thank you!” – S.B., Deliveright Customer 

“Company [Deliveright] was chosen by the vendor [Emma Mason] to deliver my furniture order. Very glad they did. Very good work team. Unwrapped and placed the items with care. Placed as directed and cleaned up all the packing when finished. Observed covid rules. Very professional. I’m very satisfied with the work performed. Thank you.” – John Vasco, Deliveright Customer 

If you don’t yet have an account to ship with Deliveright, you can sign up through our platform to book your orders directly. To learn more about our services, please contact us here

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