How to Ship Heavy Goods on Shopify

Figuring out how to deliver your order from your vendors and distribution points to your customer is a crucial part of your ecommerce business. For heavy goods sellers on platforms like Shopify, there’s a lot involved from choosing the right carrier, packaging, shipping service level, and the risk of bearing too many costs from the delivery process alone. 

Thankfully, there is a solution. Deliveright is the first heavy goods carrier service that is seamlessly integrated on Shopify that provides heavy shipping services on the platform with nationwide coverage. With Deliveright, there are six different service levels sellers can offer to their customers, ranging from white glove to curbside deliveries. This means you won’t have to worry about shipping through a third party carrier to meet customers’ various shipping preferences with Deliveright’s digital integration. 🚚

Here’s how you can ship your bulky orders through Shopify: 

  1. First, make sure your products are listed with accurate weight and dimensions on your Shopify store to ensure the shipping charges are accurately calculated later on. The last thing you want is an angry customer who ends up having to pay more than what they were quoted. 
  1. Go to the shopify app store, and install the Deliveright app to your store. Please follow the signup instructions. You will also receive an email confirmation from Deliveright confirming your signup. 

  1. To make the delivery process as smooth as possible, Deliveright’s shopify integration provides a seamless checkout experience to your customers with delivery quotes for each service level without having to contact your customer service. This is a directly linked feature from Grasshopper, Deliveright’s proprietary technology platform that will manage your entire deliveries, end-to-end.
  1. After a customer chooses the delivery service and places an order, Grasshopper will automatically process all the booking and shipping information through its cloud-based integration with Shopify, as it enters Deliveright’s order system. From the seller’s distribution location to the customer’s home, you’ll be able to access complete visibility into tracking the delivery process- from the warehouse, item condition, transit status, ETA, etc.- all through a single platform. 

To learn more about how Grasshopper works, visit here

  1. But we know it’s not over yet until the customer has received and is satisfied with their product! After a delivery has been completed, Deliveright’s team will collect ePOD, eBOL, photo documentation, as well as customer surveys on Grasshopper for you to access and confirm the order status. 
Shippers can access the entire tracking history of their orders from the point of booking to processing payments to ensure a reliable delivery experience for your business.


In addition, through your Grasshopper account, you can configure your Shopify settings, such as service levels, cost split (between you and the customer) and many other pricing strategies you can apply to your checkout page to increase conversion. 

And that’s it! Say goodbye to the shipping concerns for your heavy goods with Deliveright’s end-to-end integration with Shopify. Make customers happy, focus on growing your business, and leave the logistics to the experts to handle. Heavy shipping online has never been this easy with Deliveright behind your back. 

About Deliveright

Deliveright is the leading Digital Delivery Network for Heavy Goods. Powered by its patented Grasshopper platform, Deliveright provides a complete technology and logistics solution for delivery companies and online retailers. Deliveright’s mission is to help customers grow their businesses by applying its machine learning technology to supply chain, logistics and transportation challenges.

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