How to Speed Your Deliveries with Integrated Warehousing & Delivery

As consumer demands continue to rise for heavy goods while businesses attempt to balance their fluctuating inventories, it can often become too overwhelming to handle everything at once. You need a bigger warehouse space, figure out how exactly to deliver to your customers, and also think about each of these expenses that’ll pile up in the end. With so much going on, you can’t risk delaying your delivery times which could ruin the customers’ experience with your company as one of the most important factors in brand reputation. 

However, by using a logistics service that provides warehousing AND deliveries as opposed to a standalone service provider, this can create significant time and cost savings in a business operation. Here are 4 ways you can speed your deliveries with an integrated service provider. 

Warehousing Technology – We’ve entered an era where any information can be accessed at our fingertips with the help of technology. If you’re still having trouble managing your inventory with manual processes, implementing digital integrations (i.e, fully integrated warehousing API) can improve your warehousing with higher efficiency and accuracy that’ll save you hours of work. Instead of hiring more employees in the warehouse, you’ll be managing inventory across multiple locations with automated reports, allocations, and forecasting that helps you and your team to be on the same page, and deliver fast to customers at the right time with the right product. 

Customization/Flexibility Control – Partnering with a logistics provider that offers an integrated warehouse system will give you more control over how your products are delivered to customers. It reduces the headache of separately planning your inventory and the time required to arrange deliveries by consolidating them into a single process. With a custom warehousing solution tailored to your needs, you can combine and split your stock merchandise, make sure the items are available, and approve when ready to ship for delivery- adding greater productivity to your business. 

Instant Communication Network – With a logistics and warehouse integration, you now have  a single point of contact to ensure a smooth delivery is on the way to your customers. With fewer links in the chain to process, this will tighten your communication and management structure, allowing faster response times to your queries, as well as informing your customers with consistent updates. Less switching back and forth between business partners and more time for you to focus on selling. 

Cost-effective Visibility – Integrating your deliveries with warehousing can ensure speedy deliveries with greater visibility and cost-effective organization. With a digital delivery service that updates real-time notification regarding driver status, inventory count, item condition, to inbound and outbound shipments, etc, you no longer will have to worry about where your products are or what to tell your clients. With this full integration from warehouse to delivery, it will reduce significant costs and the time needed on the first-mile portion of an order supply chain to deliver from the point of origin to the customer’s home. Take control of your operations, access the right information, and just say when ready to ship so that the delivery team can handle the rest.

Businesses depend on efficient warehousing to run their daily operations. Rather than exhausting your company to handle too many tasks at once with little profit growth, consider a logistics provider that can offer you the solution to eliminate the back and forth process and expedite your deliveries to customers. A single integration that can scale up your business growth and build better customer experience. 

Deliveright is the leading Digital Delivery Network for Heavy Goods. Powered by its patented Grasshopper platform, Deliveright provides a complete technology and logistics solution for delivery companies and online retailers.  Deliveright’s mission is to help customers grow their businesses by applying its machine learning technology to supply chain, logistics and transportation challenges.

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