Why Deliveright’s Damage Rate is the Lowest in the Industry

Delivering heavy items is not cheap, and it’s not easy. In e-commerce, consumers don’t have the ability to physically inspect an item, which puts all the pressure on the seller to ensure everything gets delivered in one piece without a scratch. What’s worse, for products that are worth thousands of dollars (like furniture, home exercise equipment, etc.) this adds up significantly on the damage rate + costs, which could occur if left to improper handling, inexperienced shippers, liquid exposure, and many other risks that could impair an order.  

Fortunately at Deliveright, our leading professional team is well adapted to fill in these gaps as the highest rated delivery service in the industry, with our damage rate being the lowest at 2.4% compared to 12-15% of average furniture carriers, and 30% for common carriers. 

Our team has combed through massive delivery data and case analysis to build the ultimate model that could perfect the delivery process for heavy goods. Here’s why Deliveright’s damage rate is the lowest in the industry: 

Pre-inspection and Deluxe – It’s a common problem: a customer receives their heavy product after a long wait, only to find it damaged after unboxing. Now the seller has to figure out how to ship it back, pay for the damages and shipping, and refund the customer who’s disappointed with the company. At Deliveright, it’s our goal to minimize any risks or additional costs on the customer’s end, and commit to providing the best delivery experience. Our White Glove service mandates all items to be pre-inspected and deluxed before confirming delivery, so that we can address any damages/repair (if needed). This has a significant impact on reducing the overall costs for a business, because there will be much less risk for vendors to have to replace a damaged product when it undergoes pre-inspection. 

Furniture Carrier (and not Common Carrier) – We’ve seen it happen before: when vendors ship their products through a common carrier that isn’t experienced enough to deliver large, fragile items- only to end up damaging it upon arrival. Consumers today expect a fast, problem-free delivery service. If they don’t get it, they have plenty of other options to choose from and ditch your brand. That’s why it’s important to ship through a furniture carrier, and not just any logistics service. At Deliveright, our team consists of professional experts who specialize in handling bulky furniture during delivery. With hundreds of thousands of deliveries completed every year with top rated reviews, we’ve helped hundreds of companies receive positive ratings on their products through our strategic shipping process. 

“The delivery men were very conscientious and tidy- took off their shoes, cleaned up all the materials when they left,” said Sheila H, a Deliveright customer. “They even rearranged the furniture for me so that I could see it a couple different ways. I also received a call from them to let me know that they were on their way- on time as promised. They did a great job.” 

No Forklifts, All Hand-Loaded – As products enter and move throughout the warehouse, many carrier services use machines to forklift items and move them to appropriate locations. But when dealing with a thousand-dollars worth bed frame, machines aren’t the most reliable when it comes to delicacy. Everytime the forks are lifted or lowered, the vehicle’s center of gravity changes, which could tip the truck over and break the load to pieces. Considering that into effect, all items shipping through Deliveright are hand-loaded, with steady coordination and preparations managed by our professional team. We treat your products as if it were our own, and prioritize on getting them delivered safely and spotlessly- with no room for damage mistakes. 

Patented Pre-Inspection Technology – Grasshopper’s technology is unlike any other last mile delivery platform when it comes to managing logistics. It was designed to provide an end-to-end solution to support an entire supply chain operation, which has helped Deliveright to become an industry-leading service with lowest damage rates + shortest shipping time. During the pre-inspection stage, we take photos of each item to capture proof of its original condition (and any damages), which are then uploaded into Grasshopper. This way, vendors and customers can visually access the item’s condition before proceeding with the delivery process. Each order page also provides a notes platform, where the vendor and our team can communicate the latest update on each order regarding repair, delivery date, quotes, etc. through a shared and  uniform communication channel. 

Shipping bulky items is a stressful process, and if handled wrong, it can impact your business’ customer service significantly. But with Deliveright, deliveries will be the last thing to worry about on your list with our industry-leading service. With our platform, technology, and ever-expanding network, we’re committed to providing the highest quality delivery service to our customers to ensure they have an enjoyable experience. Let us help make your customers happy, while you focus on growing your business. 

If you don’t yet have an account to ship with Deliveright, you can sign up through our platform to book your orders directly. To learn more about our services, visit here

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