6 ways to leverage technology to build better White Glove delivery service

The first thing that might pop into your head when you hear ‘White Glove delivery’ is two guys carrying a large sofa into a customer’s home. A physical, fairly mechanical and high-touch activity. So it is reasonable to ask yourself “Can technology make a difference here?”

At Deliveright we leverage the power of cutting edge technologies to manage our cloud-based White Glove delivery service.   Our approach allows us to manage our entire delivery network — in real time!

Here are a few things you can do to make your delivery process better, using the latest and greatest technologies:

  1. Route Optimization – This is a critical component of White Glove delivery and benefits greatly from technology.  Technology helps determine how to reach destinations efficiently and on time, minimizing miles driven, avoiding traffic (in real time), reducing weight/distance ratio (how many miles a truck drives with a given weight), and incorporates many other optimization factors.  Technology can help you get more deliveries made, on time!
  2. Allocating your truck correctly (and safely) – What is the right way to allocate truck space with respect to its scheduled stops? Where do you place each item, and how do you place them in a way which avoids damage?  We are solving all of these questions using our proprietary TuckTheTruck™ technology, that enables our delivery teams to load their daily deliveries in the most efficient way (and unload them later), and also helps them place items correctly to reduce the risk of damage during the trip. In addition, our TuckTheTruck™ technology continues to evolve and adapt to different truck sizes and supports different delivery needs (for example, 5 floor walk-ups with a Buffet!).
  3. Damage Pre-emption (1) – Damage can happen anywhere during the trip from the manufacturer to the customer’s home. Using our mobile technology, we help our delivery teams load fragile items correctly onto the truck to minimize the risk of damage during the trip from point A to point B.
  4. Damage Pre-emption (2) –  Our DentScanner™ technology helps us identify fragile items and notify our manufacturer partners when our system discovers higher-than-usual damage rates.  We help manufacturers focus on the specific items that need upgraded packaging to promote safer, more successful deliveries – a win-win for everyone!
  5. Instant Feedback – To ensure our customers receive top quality service from our delivery teams, at the end of each delivery we communicate electronically (SMS / Email) with the customer to get feedback about their delivery experience. This survey helps us to evaluate our delivery teams and improve their skills for the next deliveries.
  6. Go Paperless – Today’s home deliveries involve paper, in fact, too much paper! At Deliveright we eliminate any trace of paper from our delivery process. All our deliveries are signed electronically (on our mobile App), and all delivery confirmations, damage reports, rejects, etc. are reported electronically to each party with photos. This saves everyone money, time and makes it easier to retain records.  The entire process is a breeze.
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