Deliveright helps retailers go green with SmartWay partnership

Deliveright is proud to share that we are now a certified partner of the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program, continuing our mission of helping retailers make their operations more sustainable. SmartWay acknowledges both the importance of freight transport-facilitated retail to the national economy, and the environmental consequences of freight shipping. The program uses benchmarks and measurements to improve efficiency, promoting supply chain sustainability and helping businesses shrink their environmental footprints—a crucial effort as research demonstrates that four out of five customers consider sustainability an important factor when choosing a brand.

SmartWay-partnered shippers are recognized for taking ongoing action to meet and exceed EPA emissions standards, and are added to a database from which retailers can select partners with a dedication to handling shipping and logistics sustainably. We are glad to be a part of this certified partner list, allowing us to connect with organizations that share our values. 

Reducing emissions is one of the most significant and important undertakings of our time—and it’s one Deliveright is proud to help retailers pursue. We do this by using our proprietary Grasshopper solution to integrate WMS (warehouse management systems) with TMS (transportation management systems), providing our customers with unparalleled visibility into every step of the supply chain. This allows them to streamline processes, leading to more efficient loading and routing of trucks, which means there are fewer trucks on the road, driving fewer unnecessary miles, reducing the amount of fossil fuels required. This visibility also makes it possible to reduce returns and damages by allowing retailers to identify the pain points along their routes causing issues, and adjust practices accordingly. By doing so, they further reduce the carbon cost of both manufacturing and transportation for our customers and their customers.

Working with SmartWay also allows us to access their exclusive measurement tools, to ensure that we are continually working toward making our practices greener. This partnership reflects our dedication to sustainable practice and working toward more cost-effective and environmentally effective freight transportation—because when it comes to both shipping and sustainability, Deliveright is committed for the long haul.

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