E-commerce grows, and Deliveright with it

E-commerce now accounts for 11% of all retail sales in the United States. The last few years have seen a diversification in the kinds of goods with which consumers have become comfortable ordering online and having shipped to their homes. Increasingly, heavy goods have been entering this mix. According to market researchers eMarketer, there was an 18% growth in furniture e-commerce sales in 2018 alone.  

The industry has had some growing pains with some of the logistical needs associated with these market changes as the limitations of small-parcel providers in fulfilling customer expectations have become apparent. Managing these expectations, ensuring visibility in tracking, and controlling service levels and the customer experience are among some of the needs to be addressed.  

Fortunately, Deliveright, with its focus on last-mile furniture delivery, is well prepared to fill in these gaps. 

Deliveright’s Grasshopper technology is designed with e-commerce furniture retailers in mind,  offering full integration with popular e-commerce platforms such as CommerceHub and Shopify with real-time updates on the retailer’s backend. Our built-in shipping calculator provides transparency about shipping costs at the time an order is booked, meaning no surprise surcharges as has become standard with providers like FedEx and UPS.

On the consumer side, Deliveright offers an advanced white-glove network with ever-expanding coverage across the United States. Deliveright teams deluxe every white-glove delivery, checking for damages and making any necessary repairs before the time of delivery. After a delivery window is scheduled in advance with the customer, an experienced and professional white-glove team will install furniture in the customer’s home or office. 

With Deliveright, e-commerce retailers can rest easy with our transparent platform knowing that their consumers will have a seamless experience with industry-leading customer service. 

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