Why I Joined Deliveright:

Q&A Why I joined Deliveright with SVP - Head of Sales, Steve Towarnicki

A Q&A with SVP – Head of Sales, Steve Towarnicki Steve Towarnicki joined our team in February of 2023 as Deliveright’s SVP, Head of Sales, bringing with him his background managing sales around the globe and his passion for using data and technology to help companies better serve their customers. Read on to learn how […]

Why I Joined Deliveright:

Haim Haviv joined Deliveright in 2020 as the Chief Technology Officer

A Q&A With CTO Haim Haviv Although Chief Technology Officer Haim Haviv joined Deliveright in December of 2020, he’d already been following the company since its founding, thanks to his connection with co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Ori Anavim. Haim’s expansive career journey and wide-ranging expertise make him an invaluable member of our team. Read […]

Wix Partners with Deliveright on Heavy Goods Shipping

Wix partners with Deliveright on heavy goods shipping

We’re delighted to share the news of our latest partnership with Wix.com, a global SaaS platform empowering online businesses. We’re teaming up with Wix to revolutionize heavy goods shipping, bringing an unprecedented level of automation to create outstanding delivery experiences for Wix merchants and their customers. Find Deliveright on the Wix AppMarket, here.  “We’re thrilled […]

Deliveright Achieves Record Year in Growth Across the Board

Deliveright achieves record growth and expands to all 50 states

Deliveright closed 2023 with a remarkable 147% surge in customer accounts and a groundbreaking partnership with a multi-billion dollar delivery giant—our largest account to date. The expansion included new delivery hubs in key markets, covering over 91% of U.S. zip codes and facilitating rapid service enhancements in strategic cities. Deliveright now boasts Full Truckload (FTL) […]

Breaking News: Santa Is Using Grasshopper!

Santa Clause uses Deliveright's Grasshopper to manage his warehouse and deliveries for Christmas

No logistics operation is more complex than the one undertaken each December 24th by supply chain expert Kris Kringle. Not only does he have a lot of ground to cover, he has just one night to do it. (And that’s not to mention the herculean data analysis required to find out who’s naughty or nice.) […]

Customer Experience: The Impact of Final-Mile Delivery Platforms

4 minutes read The E-Commerce Era and Final-Mile Delivery In the dynamic world of the e-commerce industry, final-mile delivery has emerged as a crucial element in the customer experience. As online shopping continues to surge, the demand for efficient and reliable delivery services has escalated. The final-mile delivery, the last step of the delivery process […]